Thursday, September 2, 2010

seashores: Coney Island

Last week it was rainy and wet, this week has been hot, humid and miserable. This weekend: hurricane! But (allegedly) only on Friday, and then mostly it's just the eastern end of Long Island that will get hammered.

Anyway, here are some (more) pictures from one of my favorite beaches, Coney Island, taken over the July 4th weekend:

The new Luna Park

The Wonder Wheel: 90 years and still going strong!

We rode on this one, actually. While we were standing in line we saw a dude who had brought his boa constrictor out for the day. The snake seemed pretty chill, though. Rides we skipped: The Cyclone, the 100 year old (or so) wooden rollercoaster.

View from the Wonder Wheel

And one more ride, from below:


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