Friday, August 20, 2010

not gonna be your fall-back crush anymore

View from the Santa Monica Pier, April 2003

After C9 I spent a few days in Los Angeles, the first time I can remember going to California. I had a number of adventures; one of them was That Time I Went To Santa Monica By Accident. Basically, I got on the right bus going the wrong way, and wasn't really sure what had happened until the ocean hove into view. The next day I went back on purpose, to walk on the pier and wade in the Pacific, and hum Watch the World Die to myself.

Walk On L.A. By Carl Cheng, April 2003

This remains one of my favorite pieces of totally random public sculpture in L.A. Do people ever try and move it, to press the patterns into the sand??

Santa Monica in Santa Monica

. . . live beside the ocean, leave the fire behind, swim out past the breakers, watch the world die . . .

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  1. i thought this round thing was a clock at first. somebody should definitely move it and make patterns.