Friday, August 27, 2010

Ptown: Cemetery No. 2

And now, some pictures I love but have filed under "awkward presents" because, well, they're of graves. Kind of weird thing to give to someone for their birthday/Christmas/special occasion. And, you know, a tombstone, not the best way to say "congratulations!" or "I love you!"

Today I bring you some pictures of Cemetery #2 in Provincetown, Massachusetts, which has a wealth of historic graves that reflect the colonial and maritime history of the place.

Civil War Monument

I have an abiding interest in Civil War monuments both historical markers, physical evidence that a tremendous conflict occurred, (sometimes) hundreds of miles away from any battlefield, and also as cultural markers. The North, after all, has a very different view of the war than the South, not least because they won. The text on this one is:

"Erected in 1867 by the town of Provincetown in 1867 in gratitude to the memory of the fallen, who sacrificed their lives to save their country during the great rebellion of 1861-1865."

And then there are graves like this one, which contain so many stories:


And now for some atmospheric shots, like this masoleum covered in ivy:


Some flowers stretching towards the sky:


And, finally, the Blessed Mother in a rusty coat:


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