Tuesday, February 22, 2011

time for some tropical zen: Speightstown, Barbados

It snowed here again on Monday. This is now such a non-event that the intertubes didn't even flicker. I, however, am SO TIRED of snow. And cold. And ice. I need some tropical zen. So I'm sharing mine with you:

view from the side of the road, Speightstown, Barbados

Speightstown is the furthest from the airport, which translates to "least visited by tourists" which, for good or for ill, means that it less attention than, say, Bridgetown. On the other hand, there are buildings like this to be had:


I'm not quite sure what it is, but I think it was some sort of bodega/corner store type of outfit. It's across from the Parish Church:


some day i would like to go back and do specific photo projects, like, all of the parish churches, or, all of the roundabouts, since many of the traffic circles have distinctive decorations. Meanwhile, another one of Speightstown's older buildings:


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