Wednesday, February 16, 2011

so many places i have lived so many people i have been

Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, January 2011

I've been listening to a Scottish band (Biffy Clyro) pretty much all day, so today you get some snippets of Glasgow.

Bridge over the Clyde, January 2011

Not long after I moved away from Glasgow, despite having spent very little time by the Clyde, I wrote a poem from which the line "the rush of the Kelvin, the amble of the Clyde" is the only one I can currently remember. But the city remains one of my favorite places, "home" the way places are when you still have favorite tea shops and remember the mall fondly, despite having not been inside for the better part of fifteen years.

I was young there, I suppose, and loved passionately, and that will leave a mark.

The Necropolis, January 2011

I navigate the city in a glaze of memory. My mind has forgotten where I am going, but my feet still know the way.

3-D Map, Buchanan Street, January 2011

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