Friday, April 8, 2011

odds and ends

I haven't picked up a camera in quite a while. Not quite sure what that's about. May have needed some time off to let my batteries recharge, I don't know.

Meanwhile, The Felice Brothers are having a really entertaining photo-related contest in celebration of their new record. These are the bases I used for my entries:

Birdbath Eye View, Harlem, New York, NY

Let The Light Shine In, The Cloisters, Inwood, New York, NY

Atlantic Coast, near Bathsheba, Barbados

Seabirds in Flight, Atlantic City, NJ

Sand Heart, Atlantic City, NJ

Spin, Atlantic City, NJ

I'll post the entries once they surface as part of the contest. Also I think i may have a had a little bit too much fun with the exercise. But it was interesting, fiddling with fonts and thinking about what was implied, in terms of mood and vibe.

My semester is winding down now. Only five more weeks to go. I'm looking forward to summer, and being able to get out and wander and turn my head off with the camera.

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